Here's a small sample of our repertoire and the Orchestra in action.

Vivaldi Violin Concerto RV356 in A minor for Mandolin Orchestra

Milwaukee Art Museum - January 4, 2015

This is from the MMO's classical repertoire.  The Concerto was written in 1711 and is part of Vivaldi's L'estro Armonico.

This video includes a bird's-eye view from within the Mandolin 1 section (shot with a GoPro video camera), as well as still photos of the stunning pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Gemito Appassionato Elegia - Carlo Grazini-Walter

Milwaukee Art Museum - January 4, 2015

This piece is another from the MMO's classical repertoire.  

A funeral elegy, it starts with a small group of mandolins playing the theme, joined halfway through by the larger group.

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana

Pietro Mascagni wrote this instant opera hit in 1890, when he was only 27.  The most well-known part is the lovely instrumental intermezzo, made even more beautiful when played by mandolins!

Irish Medley (3:28):   This medley, arranged by MMO guitarist Sandy Stehling, combines the cheerfulness of a jig and the haunting sound of an Irish lament with a timeless O'Carolan tune.
Planxty Burke - by Turlough O'Carolan
Farewell to Whiskey - by Neal Gow
Merrily Kiss the Quaker - (traditional - anonymous)

Flower of Mexico (7:33), by Carlos Curti, shows off the virtuosity of our first mandolinist and associate conductor Katy Vandenburg, featured on this very fun tune from the traditional mandolin orchestra repertoire.  

The First 50 Years

Photos from the MMO's first 50 years (1900 to 1950), set to the song "Granada" from our second CD, "Unplugged Since 1900".

The Second 50 Years

Photos from the MMO's second 50 years, set to the song "Minstrel Man" from our second CD, "Unplugged Since 1900".

Concert - Best Place - October 2013

This "best-of" reel includes highlights of the MMO's October 2013 concert:

  • Radio Milwaukee Interview (0 to 2:45)
  • Concert Introduction - 2:45 to 3:50
  • The Talisman (by William Stahl, 1905)  - 3:50 - 6:15
  • Valzer Fantastico (Enrico Marucelli), played by Carlo Aonzo & Rene Izquierdo duo - 6:18
  • It's Only a Paper Moon - Robin Pluer, vocals; Don Stiernberg, mandolin solo - 12:15 to end