Here's an inside peek at our rehearsal as we did our first read-through of the Bach Brandenburg Concerto #3, at our new rehearsal space  at Northwoods Software in Shorewood.

The MMO is always looking for new players, on any or all of the following instruments:

  • mandolin
  • mandola
  • mandocello
  • guitar (steel or nylon string)
  • bass

The MMO rehearses almost every Monday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  We rehearse at Northwoods Software, 1572 E Capitol Drive - right across from Shorewood High School.

In addition, the MMO will play four to eight concerts a year.  Some of these will be a small group; some will be the full ensemble.  There is no requirement that you play any set number of concerts.


Do I need to be able to read music?

It helps!

But if you're willing to work on your reading skills, you will be welcomed!  Many of our members did not read music before they joined the MMO.


I play violin.  Can I play mandolin?

Sure!  Many of our mandolin players are violin players first.


Sounds great.  How do I start?

  • Sit in on three rehearsals and see if the Orchestra is right for you.
  • At your third rehearsal, you can pay the annual dues of $50 and become a member of the oldest mandolin orchestra in the world.

For more information about joining the MMO, please e-mail us.